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Kempfort Shiva Temple – May’16

On my visit to Bangalore, have visited Kempfort Shiva temple be it was an unpleasant experience. 

As soon we reached temple parking, they have directed us to go to special entry (not darshan). I think it was 120/- per person but there was no free darshan as per them.

Once we entered inside, there was a line towards Lord Ganapathi. Just after that, we walked towards the next step. They have asked to pay 30/- per each person to go in to the cave and there is NO option to avoid the same. We have paid the same and after that we got to go in to the open area. 

After this, we walked over to Lord Shiva statue to get blessings and take photos.

There is one more to go in to another line of Shiva lingas, which we didn’t go in, however there is a separate fee for the same.
OVERALL, it has become a complete commercial temple and you need minimum 200/- per person to visit the temple.

Devotee must need a peaceful time while visiting any temples but not just the money. In this scenario, devotee must be thinking of money rather peacefulness.

Hope the commercial process will change to attract devotees towards God.


ISKON temple Bangalore – May ’16

On 28th, I have visited the great ISKON temple in   Bangalore. Understood that there is general queue and paid queues to have Lord Sri Krishna darshan.
I made to a 300/- ticket  for darshan and it was a happy path to see Lord Krishna and after Darshan, learnt that we can only get 70/- discount on the books purchased with this ticket. With this ticket 6 people can visit Lord Krishna.

Interestingly, there are no books with the less price. So, devotees have to either loose the opportunity of using 70/- or buy if any books with lesser price.

Bust I missed performing a 108 hare Krishna chanting due to the special ticket.

After Darshan, every devotee will be connected to the same exit line.

As usual, the Prasadam is so nice and any shopping inside is expensive.