Put a period to 16 hours work days AND spend more personal time ..!!

Finally, there is some role (not expected definitely) given/assigned in an account. This role is definitely needed by the account (client) management team.

However, with the recent incidents happened in the organization, decided to put a period to the below, which would save the personal time as there is no point in performing the below in the organization where there is no value/recognition to the work you are performing.

  1. Spend NO additional time beyond 8 hours work a day UNLESS being paid for that (in other words given due recognition).
  2. No off-shore calls beyond the work hours (neither in the early not late hours on a business or non-business day).

Restrict yourself to 8 work hours a day would give you a much relief on your personal end. Do not concern about what happens to the project/work if you are not working more than 8 hours, think what is BEING PAID to you as (Business) Organizations will ONLY need money but NOT wellness of an employee.

This is being told by MANY leaders in the world but we give them a chance as need basis which is making them as the habit to ask again and again.

Personal time is quite equivalent and important with Work/Business time. Lead the personal life with no absolute degrades..!!

Happy realization by changing the work culture ..!!


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