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OracleCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters doesn’t return Stored Procedure definition

We were in a situation to migrate the Oracle database from one data center to another data center. The migration activities are completed and felt it is succeeded.

We observed the existing functionality which uses OracleCommandBuilder.DeriveParameters method is not return any parameter information of the Stored Procedure we are looking for. Hence tried with multiple functionality. No luck and spend a day on this as well.

Felt like some privileges issue and contacted the DBA teams as well. Later found that the Oracle packages were in INVALID state due to migration. So, Compiled the packages and the status becomes VALID.

There you go, the functionality started working.

In this case, the packages were not in a compiled (valid) state. Once we execute the Oracle package, everything went fine.

This is one possible solution if you are facing the similar issue.

Good luck..!!

Gangadhar Kotu