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Unable to start debugging in Silverlight 3 for VS 2008

Hi All,

Following is the error I got when try to debug my sample silverlight 3 application.

“unable to start debugging.the silverlight managed debugging package isn’t installed”

At first time debugging works fine. I upgraded Silverlight 3 runtime into Silverlight 4. Then I got the above error while debugging.

That error indicates that I have the end-user runtime installed, not the developer runtime. The dev runtime is available here:

Then I have downloaded the Developer runtime for Silverlight 3. That fixes my problem of debugging but still I’m receiving the another error.

Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application
Code: 2104   
Category: InitializeError      
Message: Could not download the Silverlight application. Check web server settings.

To correct the above issue, check the below IIS settings if you are running the app from IIS and ensure to have the .xap file in the ClientBin folder of the web application.

.xaml    application/xaml+xml
.xap    application/x-silverlight-app
.xbap    application/x-ms-xbap

~ Gangadhar Kotu