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Put a period to 16 hours work days AND spend more personal time ..!!

Finally, there is some role (not expected definitely) given/assigned in an account. This role is definitely needed by the account (client) management team.

However, with the recent incidents happened in the organization, decided to put a period to the below, which would save the personal time as there is no point in performing the below in the organization where there is no value/recognition to the work you are performing.

  1. Spend NO additional time beyond 8 hours work a day UNLESS being paid for that (in other words given due recognition).
  2. No off-shore calls beyond the work hours (neither in the early not late hours on a business or non-business day).

Restrict yourself to 8 work hours a day would give you a much relief on your personal end. Do not concern about what happens to the project/work if you are not working more than 8 hours, think what is BEING PAID to you as (Business) Organizations will ONLY need money but NOT wellness of an employee.

This is being told by MANY leaders in the world but we give them a chance as need basis which is making them as the habit to ask again and again.

Personal time is quite equivalent and important with Work/Business time. Lead the personal life with no absolute degrades..!!

Happy realization by changing the work culture ..!!


Management Behavior – Threatening to Lay off

I’m a Development Manager, working in US for a big MNC (core management is from Japan) for more than a ‘decade‘ with an experience of executing close to million dollar projects (all together) and was coming out of a Project due to billing concerns from the Delivery team and informed my manager (Indian) about the same.

Couple days later, my manager approached me mentioning that ‘you need to take up a developer role’. My question to him was ‘Why developer role ?’, he mentioned me that it is better instead ‘laying you off‘. I told him to proceed if he is wishing to do like that so I can take it to next level management about the threatening behavior from middle level management.

He also mentioned that he will put ‘Under performer‘ tagged while laying me off so he (organization) doesn’t need to pay off the severance package, simply escaping the benefits.

I responded him to proceed in whatever he wishes to do, I know I can put a fix to all if that becomes a reality.

Think of the cruel behavior/mentality of management in an Organization.

If the above becomes a reality, will definitely reach the senior leadership team out to detail the situation and doesn’t need to worry about the result but have them understand what kind of things happening in the Organization. This would definitely expose the similarities happened to others.

All this happened around two weeks ago and over a telephonic conversation.

After the incident, I’m in no mood to perform as expected by the management as the whole of my department management knows how was my work over the decade. Let’s see how it will turn to be in the coming days.